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One of our most important campaigns is the ‘How are you really?’ Outreach Project and Workshop.

When were you last asked this question?

When did you last ask someone?

When did you last ask yourself?

Have you ever considered the significance of this question?

The question is planting a seed…

It creates more self awareness…

Once we have more self awareness, we have a better idea of the areas we could develop / improve on / grow in / heal…

Even just knowing this can give us more confidence to navigate life…

Oh the excitement is palpable! Will you join us for our first workshop? 🙂


Limited spaces available!


How Are You Really? The Workshop – 24th April 2022 (10am – 5pm)


For more details, click here

It’s coming! The new website will go live in Spring 2022!


Watch this space…

Check out the NEWS section for our latest updates…

We wish you a healthy and optimistic 2021!


To support you in this new year, we have a real treat for you! An introductory BodyTalk Group Session with BodyTalk Instructor and Advanced Practitioner, Charlotte Nielsen.

Join Us!

Come As You Are – Join our #MondayUnite community gatherings every Monday from 11.30am until 12.00pm; an opportunity to connect for conversations, laughter and inspiration. 🙂

This is a safe, non-judgemental, inclusive space to be yourself. All welcome (yes men, you too!)

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