I wanted to take some time to write about what’s going on behind the scenes of You Happy First Unite.

Rest assured that as much as you may not always see the next update immediately, our mission isn’t at a standstill.

Here is where the paradox of our mission comes in: What we talk about, what we are passionate about, what we want to help people with, is all intimately linked to our own journey, which is often not as straight forward as we planned. We keep facing our own very real challenges around self-care and dealing with sh*t which we know by now is totally universal.

When I first came up with the concept of creating a membership site around holistic self-care two years ago, it felt all too big and I decided that it’s not even worth starting because it would be overwhelming and too much for one person to deal with. When Judith came on board I felt that all of a sudden things were a lot more doable because after all now I had someone who shared the vision and brought a wealth of creative input, valuable skills, commitment and enthusiasm to the table. Whilst we are in the process of building an amazing core team who are all fabulous in their own way, the fact is that the two of us are the driving force behind this community and website. With so many aspects to consider, from the overall vision and mission, to choosing the right people to get involved, to website design, marketing, social media, content creation, business, admin, technical and legal aspects and so much more, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and if we aren’t careful, also burned out. Now that’s not what I call leading by example! The two ladies creating the self-care website had to stop because they ran themselves into the ground! Erm… no thanks 🙂 (Our podcast with Owen Morgan talks about a similar experience – listen to it here)

Since the beginning of this project a lot of fears and anxieties that I thought were long buried have started to rear their opportunistic heads. Am I good enough? Am I deluded? What if people don’t like it? Don’t like me? Don’t like us? What if I don’t put the next post out soon enough? What if the video isn’t perfect? I laugh too loud… My voice doesn’t sound good enough… We should have achieved more by now… What will people think if… (insert all sorts of creative scenarios)… The list of self-doubt and self-scrutiny is endless and so is the awareness of this happening and me trying to work through it, seeing it as an integral part of exactly the things we will be covering through the membership site. Because we know how much this kind of thinking happens everywhere. The fact that it happens to the creators too makes this more real. It makes it more important for me to keep living my self-care values and putting myself first when necessary because I could so easily get swallowed up by this process.

Let’s not forget that both of us have very busy lives as it is. Nevertheless we have started something new, which we call our life’s work. This is a slow burn, it has to be… or have you ever seen someone’s life’s work be built overnight? Every now and again we find plenty of wood to throw into the fire at once and then let it burn and do its own thing for a while. Ebb and flow… waves… cycles… letting life dictate the pace of this humongous vision. Sheer force won’t get us there quicker. We have established that by now. Because everything so far has happened in divine timing, through a string of amazing synchronicities and it will continue to do so. That’s one of our basic beliefs. We trust in this journey, even though my mind sometimes goes a bit crazy and thinks I should do more, better, quicker and I should have all the answers now… right NOW!

What you will witness over the coming months is the foundations of building something for everyone to tap into. If you are in need of looking after yourself better, if you want to learn how to unlearn the things that are holding you back, if you want to simply feel lighter, no longer weighed down by self-imposed obligations and fears around what others might think, if you want to feel happier and more content in your own skin and your own mind, if you want to find a way to truly love yourself and your life, we will share our offerings with you. Content that will help you do the deep work for yourself, because we cannot do that for you. What we can do is build a compassionate community that can support each other in achieving their individual self-care goals.  Because if we create a community where nobody has to fear being themselves as everyone else is on the same journey in their own unique way, then that surely has to be a beautiful thing to look forward to and work towards.

We want to see growth, transformation and healing on this planet. This can only happen when people start with themselves first. We cannot ask anyone to change. Let’s be the change we want to see.

The honest truth is that I had to write this blog post to liberate myself from my own shackles of expectation.

We look forward to connecting with you <3