The Aloe Abundance Project

The Aloe Abundance Project is an ongoing and much loved campaign with the aim of spreading joy, kindness and donations through aloe vera plants.

The background story:

Alexandra and Judith were both owners of aloe vera plants well before You Happy First Unite ever came into existence. And as our mission and vision grew, so did our respective aloe plants. Alexandra’s mother plant decided she wants to be a tree and keeps growing like crazy. A second plant was adopted which then started sprouting babies left right and centre. Judith’s plant has long been super active and was asking for more space and regular repotting. At one point we counted just below 100 plants and decided, unless we want to move house to accommodate all these plants, we will need to find a way of rehoming them. That’s when The Aloe Abundance Project came to life.

How does it work?

What we wanted to create is a never-ending cycle of giving and doing good. 🥰

Imagine the following:

  • You adopt an aloe through us, nicely repotted with fresh soil and a cute home aka lovely pot. With it you’ll receive a card with instructions on how to look after the plant and some instructions on how to look after yourself too.
  • You give us a donation which goes towards the ongoing costs of building our holistic self-care vision. Our life’s work is aimed at supporting the wider community through free resources and low-cost offerings next to creating a membership for anyone interested in deeper support, healing and learning. 
  • You take care of your plant and look forward to lots of babies. Once the time is right (we can help you decide when that is), you can repot the babies. 
  • Now you in turn find new homes for these babies, asking the new owners for a donation.
  • You choose a worthy cause for your donation (e.g. charities close to your heart, You Happy First Unite, doing something nice for a person in need, pay it forward, the options are endless)
  • For as long as you take care of your plant you will have a never-ending supply of new babies to create more happiness in people’s lives and collect donations which you can then pass on again and again. 
  • And so the cycle continues…