You are the  of the Community

We are sowing the seeds to grow a community with you at the ♥ of it. We have been saying it all along: Holistic Self-Care is not a luxury. It is a necessity. What we want to create is a safe space for everyone, yes everyone, who feels called to become a part of something bigger than themselves. We say everyone because we do not want to limit our community to a particular group of people. We want to attract are people from all over the world, regardless of gender, race, religion or status. Because at the end of the day we are human and when we start to really listen to each others’ stories, we notice how much we have in common. That’s what connects us. The common thread is humanity. What is important to us is to create a platform where you feel welcome to be yourself and to become who you truly want to be, without judgment. What you’ll find here is community, support, encouragement, inspiration, wisdom, laughter (lots of it smile) and of course plenty of love & joy.

We are consciously creating a platform behind closed doors. This is to make you feel more comfortable to share and just be you. We want to build our community away from social media because many of us get anxious and self-conscious around them. So instead of hitting town where we are all seen by everyone, we are having a garden party by invite only (but of course everyone who feels called to join is invited! laughing Makes sense?)…

So what’s the next step?

We would like you to contemplate a few questions. We suggest you answer them honestly and if you come up with a resounding YES to every question, please register for your free account and join us! We can’t wait to meet you.

♥ Do you struggle to carve out enough time and space for yourself and/or if you do, you feel guilty for doing so?

♥ Do you have a feeling that there’s a lot more to life than what you are currently experiencing but you’re not quite sure what to do about it?

♥ Are you longing for a place where you can be yourself without fear of judgment?

♥ Are you craving connection and community?

♥ Are you willing to become an active participant in this community?

Fab! You answered YES to the questions. The next step is to sign up by following this link here.